Usage Tips

Record any setup changes you make to your bike at the track. You will probably know to make only one small change at a time, so by recording this you can easily refer back to it in future to see what worked and what didn’t.

To get the most out of your track or coaching sessions, it pays to be organised. Ridalyze lets you easily record your training objectives,  bike handling or riding notes and any feedback received. You can then refer back to this to keep you focused on your riding goals and get the most from your track day or coaching investment.

For watching our videos, we recommend that you find somewhere quiet where you won't be interrupted. It will probably become part of your practice and preparation. In the days or weeks leading up to your track event you probably have a routine that helps you prepare physically, so it makes sense to invest time in your mental preparation as well.  While watching and analyzing the videos you can identify key aspects to focus on when you're next on track. Look for braking and throttle-on reference points, lines through turns, corner speeds, lean angles and the lateral and G forces you will be feeling on your bike. Look to apply things noted and learned during your next track outing.

Our VR videos add an immersive aspect and will add another dimension to your preparation. You can watch these in 360 degree format on your phone or tablet, but we recommend purchasing a VR headset. They allow you to use VR mode which gives a steroscopic view. You can then place your phone inside your headset and watch a lap. While you're watching, you can look around and identify key areas around the track as a reference. You can rehearse all your actions so you have a clear plan of what you want to achieve by the time you get on your bike.

Before your first track day or day at a new track, watch the aerial video to give you a clear idea of the circuit layout so that you know exactly what to expect. Even if you've ridden the track before, it will give you a different perspective.

Before your your first track day or day at a new track, watch the slowest video we have so that you know exactly what it will look like when you're on track. By the time you get there you’ll be amazed how familiar it seems, and when you’re comfortable you’ll feel more confident.

For experienced riders, we suggest you watch the videos of your goal lap time as many times as possible up to one week before your event. Think of it as practice. By the time you hit the track you’ll know exactly what you need to do and feel ready to do it. You will probably notice that this will speed up your improvement and help you get more from your time on track.

A word of warning here that the idea is to make small, continual improvements rather than expecting to be able to knock big chunks of time off in one go. Be realistic, and choose a goal lap time only slighly quicker to what you’re currently doing. Our coaches have years of riding experience, so don't expect to match their times straight away. Enjoy the learning process.

We have started with videos and data from SMSP and Phillip Island Circuits. Our plan is to include all lap times from Novice level right through to close to the lap record. This means it is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their skills.  To start we we have included a range of lap times and there is a free one month trial available to try it out for yourself.

When watching in VR mode you will notice that your head position will need to be similar to when on your bike. A high backed chair in your study will make it more comfortable, but if you want to make the practice more realistic then by all means assume your normal riding position. It's all part of making it as close to the real thing as possible to get you track ready.

Ridalyze has been designed and built by professional motorcycle coaches and is the perfect tool to supplement your coaching.  Anaylzing the videos will allow you to reinforce what you've learned.

Record all your bike maintenance and service details in one place and even set reminders so you know when it's due again.