Open the Ridalyze App and go to Improvement Tools from the main menu and choose your track.



Subscribe to the VR plan to watch our 360 degree videos. This will allow you to download and watch any of our 360 degree videos for one month. Your subscriptions renews automatically on the same day every month, and you can cancel at any time by going to Account Settings in the Ridalye menu.

Choose your target lap time, download the video. We recommend downloading when you have WiFi access as our 360 degress videos are filmed in 4K and can be around 1GB in size to give you the most realistic experience possible. 

Click on the mask/headset icon down the bottom right. This will switch to a stereoscopic or side by side view to allow you to watch in your VR headset.

Now turn your phone on the side and place into your VR headset. There is a line in the middle to allow you to position it for optimal viewing.

Insert the cradle with your phone into the VR heaset and adjust the focal length to suit. 

  • You can watch with our without glasses and the video repeats.
  • Think of this as practice away from the track. Refer back to any notes you've made in the App and any coaching tips or feedback you've entered. This will give you specific things to focus on while you watch the video and mentally go over how you can apply this when you next ride.
  • Being 360 degree video you can look to either side of the track for any landmarks or features that you can use as a reference next time e.g braking points.
  • Take note of the coach's inputs and look for tip in points etc. Watch your video every day leading up to your next day and note in the Riding Log how it helps with your focus and preparation.