Have you bought a PUSH Smartgauge that's now useless?

PUSH are no longer supporting their Smartgauge, but instead of using it as a paper weight, you can still convert your data files so that they can be imported into Harry's Lap Timer. You will then be able to see all your valuable session data.

Thanks to sakkath who kindly shared their code, we have modified it to handle multiple time formats.

Simply copy this link and open in your chrome browser. Plug your Smartgauge into your computer, go to the Archive or Data subdirectory and select the desired CDF file and drag it to the circle to create a gpx file. Run windows explorer and your chrome browser side by side as per the screen shot - the circle will go white when it recognizes the CDF file and after a while it will download automatically.  You can then attach this file to an email. When you open the attachment on your phone you will have the option to import or open with Harry's Lap Timer. If you want, email your .CDF file and we will convert it for you.

The device itself is superb, so this is a way for you to keep using it instead of throwing it away. You can even convert your data into a cool aerial video showing your riding line, speeds, braking and acceleration points. email data@ridlyze.com for more tips.